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Lubbock Pest Control - Scorpions

Scorpions In Lubbock- What To Do

Scorpions are not the most common pest in Lubbock but when present they can pose a dangerous threat to your family and pets. Lubbock can be home to a few scorpions in the spring and summer months. While some only look intimidating, some species can be very poisonous. Scorpions are a member of the arachnid family alongside spiders. These pests commonly live outside but can attempt to enter homes in order to seek shelter from the heat or when looking for water. 

Protecting Against Scorpions

The best way to avoid potential scorpion interactions outside it to wear proper clothing. Never wear flip-flops or shorts when tackling yard projects. When working at ground level gloves are also encouraged. Scorpions rarely sting unless they feel threatened in some way. So when wandering hands come to close to their area they will sting humans. 
To avoid scorpions in the home some preventative measures can be taken. A treatment of pesticides around the foundation of a home is encouraged, especially if any cracks are present. Scorpions can fit into surprisingly small cracks and nest inside your home. Using a 'dust pesticide' is also recommended as it will better deter the pest from getting close enough to your home to enter. That being said scorpions are solitary creatures for the most part and removal is easiest and most effective option. 

Common Types of Scorpions In Lubbock

Scorpions are overall rare in Lubbock, but due to our climate they can appear in some areas of the city in Spring and Summer. Rock Scorpions which have a painful and poisonous sting are easily identified by their yellow extreminities and brown back. Striped bark scorpion can also be seen in West Texas and are a little larger than a rock scorpion. While their stings hurt, they are not dangerous unless the person stung is allergic. So follow the steps we have outlined and contact us today for treatment and removal.