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Mosquito Control Lubbock

More Than Just Annoying

Anyone local to West Texas knows that the mosquito situation in just about all seasons but winter can get absolutely out of hand. These pests breed at an incredibly high rate and carry dangerous blood-borne diseases that can affect both your family and your four-legged friends. Mosquitos can carry West Nile Virus which saw a resurgence in 2017, as well as heartworms which can be deadly for dogs. Here is more information on the Mosquitos and their behaviors. And of course information on how our Lubbock pest control specialists can stop an infestation in its tracks. 

Mosquito Behaviors 

Mosquitos will lay their eggs in standing water, and the incubation period is very short. This makes it crucial to keep your property and surrounding areas around your home clear of standing water. Common places were water can accumulate is on tarps or grill covers as well as around plates which hold potted plants. Making sure your home and property are not a perfect place for Mosquitos to lay their eggs is the first step in handling any kind of infestation. 
Mosquitos can be repelled by using preventative measures such as bug sprays containing DEET and citronella candles. These contain deterrents which can at times help a mosquito problem be not overwhelming. Still, if you find your home and property containing a high level of mosquito activity you will want to contact one of our Lubbock pest control specialists. 

Mosquito Extermination

Once common mosquito breeding grounds are cleared a Lubbock Pest Management professional can come to your property and spray for mosquitos. Mosquitos are not hardy pests and usually, infestations can clear after only one to two treatments. It is very important to continue to monitor your property for mosquito activities and to clear all potential breeding areas of the pest continually.